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Multiplication tables from 11 to 15

An extremely easy and simple way to do all the multiplication tables from 11 through 15. Instantly calculate any valuye by doing it on your fingers.

full classroom example

English alphabet with cups

Adapting the classic summer camp “cups” rhythm game to the Chinese Language version of the ABC song. The result is a much more fun and interactive way of memorizing the English alphabet.

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Advantages of the Imperial System of Measurements

(Google Tech Talk from October 2014)Does your car get 40 rods to the hogshead? Join Jack ElFrink as he explains the history of measurement units through the middle ages up to today. Examine not only the practical benefits of measuring pickled peppers in units of pecks, but also (such as measuring firewood in cords) why Imperial units are often superior to metric units. And learn about the historical trends that will keep the Imperial/Metric debate continuing long into the future.

Alternative pen and paper mathematics

Some students may struggle with the transnational ways of doing arithmetic with pencil and paper. But many alternatives exist that they may find simpler. Australian subtraction, Ancient Egyptian multiplication, Hangman division, the STC function function, Vaughn Cube, Euler's method, and much more. Learn how people in other nations and in other times did math.